10 Reasons Why You Should Use Explainer Videos

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Explainer Videos

Millions of explainer videos are being utilized by companies and websites to promote, explain and sell their products and services. There are countless of reasons as to why they are becoming one of the most effective marketing tools available. If your business or website doesn’t have one, you could be losing out on money, visitors and ranking power. These reasons why you should use an explainer video will prove how crucial they are.

1 – Are Extremely Entertaining:

People who are searching for information would rather get it on a video as opposed to reading about it. Top rated explainer videos are very engaging and entertaining. Users love them because they are educational and informational. In today’s world when people want their info delivered at lightning speed, the videos deliver.

2. Bring People To Your Site:

Any website which wants to be successful online, needs visitors. Without them, your product and services will become difficult to sell on the internet. Explainer videos have a propensity to increase traffic dramatically. Posting an explainer video on sites such as Vimeo or YouTube, can result in huge traffic increase to your site. The more people share your video, the more it will bring others to your page.

3. Tell Your Personalized Story:

There are countless of industries in the world today which cover a broad spectrum. One of the best things about an explainer video, is that they let you create one tailored for your specific industry. You can target your audience accordingly and effectively. An explainer video can lead to your brand, product or service being identified accurately.

4. High Conversion Rates:

Turning a lead into a sale is the most important part of the transaction. This is one of the strongest elements explainer videos have. They are extremely powerful when it comes to conversion rates. More than 85% of people who made a purchase, did so when the product or service was accompanied by an explainer video. Some companies have experienced 100% percent increases in sales after posting a well-made explainer video about their brand.

5. Beneficial In SEO Ranking:

Having your website rank well is one of the most important factors when it comes to being online. Explainer videos are crucial and potent when it comes to helping a site rank better. Google loves explainer videos because they understand how useful viewers find them. Keep in mind that YouTube is owned by Google. Most people will place their videos on that platform so the ranking is easier than ever.

6. Higher Information Retainment Rates:

Viewers who watch an explainer video typically retain more than half of the information they see. However, only 10% of the information they read is retained by them. This research shows that using an explainer video will help customers remember info on your product or service better. Plus, most users will generally share your video with others if they find them useful.

7. Story Telling Power:

Explainer videos have an amazing power when it comes to letting companies or individuals tell their story with them. Using information, education and entertainment combined together is a recipe for success. This is why animated explainer videos are so powerful. With the right script, you can tell viewers your story and cause an impact on them. They are also very effective when it comes to targeting specifics.

8. Videos Can Go Viral:

Explainer videos and social media are a perfect combination when it comes to marketing. In an instant, a video can go viral and forever change your company or brand. There have been dozens of companies or brands which were unknown. However, because their explainer video went viral, they experienced overnight success. Plus, people are more likely to view a video than to read an article or text document.

9. Makes Your Brand Human:

Audiovisuals have the affinity of humanizing a product or brand. Explainer videos are seen as a form of personal communication between the viewer and company. People tend to instantly connect with entertaining characters used on videos. Especially if the video uses an emotional or funny approach. The end result is your brand becoming more human in the viewers eyes and mind.

10. Mobile Device Friendly:

The use of mobile devices has reached astronomical levels the past few years. Everyone appears to have either a tablet or a Smartphone these days. Since video and mobile devices are the future, they are two key elements of reaching your audience. Video content is mobile friendly and users love to share them via their mobile devices. It is a win-win situation for you and your brand.

These ten reasons why using an explainer video is so important, clearly show their power and need. In case you have no idea on how to go about creating your company’s very own explainer video, there are several options. You can use online tools to help you create one. You can also hire individuals or companies to create them for you. SquareShip is one of those businesses which caters to the video production service. They are renowned as a video production company and can offer some insights on them. Check out their list of best explainer videos: https://squareship.com/explainer/