How To Create Cheap Animated Videos For Your Business

How To Create Cheap Animated Videos For Your Business

More and more people are watching videos online. In fact, around 100 million hours of video content are reportedly being watched on Facebook every day.

Video marketing used to be a tool that only the bigwigs can afford but the tides have changed and every digital entrepreneur can now manage to have animated videos embedded on their sites to strengthen their brand presence. You also get to cater to varied audience type with animated videos with characters that your viewers would find friendly and trustworthy.

Why make use of animated videos for your business? While presentation-type of videos may look more professional than animated videos – the latter is proven to be more effective in engaging your audience. The Simpsons rake in around 12 million views per episode – the number says it all.

Video marketing is on the rise yet most small businesses are hesitant on including video marketing for their brand because they think it’s too expensive and time-consuming. This is far from truth with animated videos being used by small entrepreneurs. Here’s how to create cheap animated videos for your business:

Create a concept.

Plan out a branding strategy with a storyline that will help capture attention and engage your target audience. Create a unique yet seductive concept that your target market will find irresistible. You can make it humorous or inject a plethora of emotions that will keep your customers glued to your brand. Write notes and create timelines for each phase of the project.

Choose free animation tools online.

There are tons of web- and cloud-based animation tools that you can use online to create your animated videos. Some of the most popular ones are the following:

  • Wideo – There are tons of free and attractive animation templates to choose from that would look great for business presentations. These are versatile templates and can be readily customized for your brand. When you’re done creating your video, it’s now ready for download in MP4 format for $49 or goes for a monthly subscription for $9.
  • GoAnimate – This is a popular animated video maker because it helps your produce professionally made cartoon videos for your business. Once your register, you also get GoPremium Plan (14 days) for $79/month. The cheaper plan will have GoAnimate logo on your animation videos. The premium plan will allow you to create Full HD videos that can easily be exported.
  • Animaker. If you want to create quick animation videos, then this is your tool of choice. This stylish animation maker is very user friendly. All you have to do is add the text you want on the slides, and the app will do the rest. For the $0 plan, you can create high SD quality animation videos for duration of 2 minutes; but you have to upgrade to download.
  • Embed and share. Now, that you have your animation videos ready, it’s time to embed it on your site and share it on social media.

If you are one of the companies who are thinking forward and serious with their branding strategy, creating animated videos should be in your plan. This is a powerful tool that will help you present ideas easily and capture attention without doing the hard sell and yet manage to translate inquiries and view into actual conversions.