How To Make Money Online With Instagram

How To Make Money Online With Instagram

If there is a little black book on digital marketing, Instagram would certainly be in it. The Facebook-owned photo app is in the spotlight for being the newest social media marketing platform that brands have to look out for.

You can’t settle for mediocre content on Instagram. Having a fast-paced tempo, this generation does not waste time. This poses a challenge for internet marketers on Instagram because you have to create high quality and irresistible content that is easy to digest for a busy millennial. Posting content in a consistent fashion would eventually grow your brand and build your following.

With Instagram having over 700 million users per month, it would be completely irrational not to include this is your marketing strategy. Many brands are now launching their virtual presence on Instagram while some still lack the following they need to dominate their niche. You can definitely turn your passion into streams of profit, here’s a quick guide on how to make money online with Instagram:

Sponsored posts.

  • If you have thousands or millions of followers online, then this is the way to profit from Instagram. You must have at least 5,000 followers with robust engagement in order to earn from sponsored posts. Collaborating with these brands while helping them with their marketing campaigns will also increase your relevance online while growing your Instagram profit. As you share photos and posts and be as natural as possible, this will become a marketing strategy that will increase your following and organically grow your visibility and authority online. When this happens, relevant brands will start to connect with you and discuss business. You can also observe what relevant brands would post and adapt it to your own posting strategy.

Earn from photos.

  • There are different marketplaces like Foap and Snapwire that you can sell your Instagram photos to and get paid handsomely for it. In order to sell more photos, you should put at least 4 to 5 relevant keywords for each photo, share high quality images or at least 500 pixels to be able to negotiate prices, and make sure that you have indicated contact information.

Affiliate Marketing.

  • First, you need a product to promote that is relevant to your niche or target market. Once you have found a good product, you can map out a strategy to boost your affiliate marketing efforts. Make sure that you are using the campaign URL and the right hashtags in promoting products. You can try Clickbank, Peerfly, and Maxbounty for your Affiliate Marketing strategy.

In order to gain following on Instagram and grow your revenue, you need to create great content for your shoutouts. Your posts should be compelling yet not too salesy. Keep in mind that your followers are looking for results and not just some marketing mumbo jumbo – so it is recommended to show them the products while in action to they would know how the product will add value to their everyday lives. Include one CTA and use a few yet relevant hashtags. Also, shortening your links will look more polished and professional.