How To Start A Successful YouTube Channel

How To Start A Successful YouTube Channel

If you are checking on your marketing mix strategy, you’ll know that content and engagement is still huge – but YouTube is going to be bigger for 2017 and beyond. Yes, it has taken a major and dramatic leap to being the lead star of the marketing mix.

Starting Your YouTube Channel

Apart from being owned by Google, YouTube is also the second leading search engine which it worth any serious marketer’s attention. Your brand will not just get tons of SEO juice from YouTube videos but this also boosts your authority with your target audience. People would always want a face that they can relate with in a brand and it’s easier to learn concepts when it’s being explained on a video rather than reading an entire blog post on a particular how-to topic.

Raking hits for your videos is what makes up a long-term YouTube marketing strategy. Do you know that your YouTube channel can be transformed into a lucrative business? Gamer PewDiePie has over 43 million subscribers and earns roughly around $15 million through his YouTube channel. This is how YouTube can translate success for your brand.

YouTube videos are very easy to create and easy to share with your network too because this can be embedded on your blog and via social media channels. So, what are the steps on how to start a successful YouTube channel? Read on.

Know your target audience.

  • If you don’t have a direction, you’ll get lost at some point. Knowing your target audience or market will help you gain focus on creating content that will suit their needs and demands on a particular niche. You should be on top of the current trends in your industry so you can share something new to your audience. Read comments and research on what your audience wants so you can deliver them the value that they are looking for.

Be spontaneous and authentic.

  • You don’t want to appear like the traditional marketer that jumps the gun and get into that sales pitch every opportunity he has. You will not make millions with that strategy. You have to be organically spontaneous and genuinely interested in what your target audience wants, provide them value, and that’s where the profit comes in.

Think long term with partnerships.

  • While it may be easy and quick to just take in all sponsorships offered at your doorstep, you have to really choose the products that mesh with your niche. You have to think long term when dealing with retailers or partnerships because that’s where your get to seal long-term profit and friendships along the way.

Invest time and effort.

  • A few minutes of a video clip would usually take days to prepare, shoot, and refine. You have to really put in lots of time to get to know your audience, interact or socialize, research, and prepare videos that are valuable and share-worthy.

Being successful with your very own YouTube channel does not happen overnight. Part of being a noteworthy vlogger or YouTube influencer is to be able to establish trust and rapport with your audience, being an authority or expert in a niche, and providing value that is actionable, informative, and entertaining at the same. Being able to experiment on what you can offer on your YouTube channel will help grow your brand interest and expanding your influence while also increasing your revenue stream.