The internet has changed our way of doing things including the purchase of music. Today, you can buy music from any country online while at the comfort of your home. Here are some of the best sites you can buy music online:


This site contains over 100,000 songs and because of its amazing reference system, it is a favorite site for DJs. You will get lossless WAV music files on this site and in addition, you will get a weekly DJ chart for top songs. Among the genres you will get on the site are dance music, Dubstep, & Base, and Electro, among others.

Amazon MP3

Amazon has over 10 million mp3 songs and the number is increasing by the day. You will be able to download your favorite song from the website directly. To do this, however, you need software that is compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux.

Juno Download

This is another great site to buy music that has over 1million songs. You will be able to download MP3 or WAV songs from this website.


The number of songs on this website is unknown but there are speculations that it has over 300 independent music labels. You will get lossless FLAC or WAV music formats on the site. 50%of the profit made on any sale will go to the music owner which is commendable.

Apple iTunes Store

The website has over 10 million songs and it is not a surprise to discover that most people prefer this site. Appleā€™s iPhone and iPod depends on the iTunes software from Apple which is connected to this store.

Apple iTunes store was the pioneer in allowing digital download and considering the huge collection of songs, it has become a favorite. If you love compressed music formats, this is a great site to buy music as it does not contain DRM.


If you love dance music, this is the site for you as it has great download and editing features. You will be able to download your music in different formats such as 192kbps, 320bps, and lossless WAV Audio. The number of songs on the website remains unknown but the music is of great quality.