On 1st June 1999, 2 teens started a music revolution using minimal coding. Shawn Fanning and his friend Sean Parker had faith that users could share music while using different computers. Using Napster, they were able to make this dream a reality.

Through Napster, a lot of illegal music downloads took place as fraudsters were able to download the music for free. This led to a huge decline in the music industry as what one could only get after making payment was free. Though it broke the hearts of many musicians who were losing money through illegal downloads, it led to positive changes.

The music industry tried to suppress Napster but the positive change it caused can never be ignored:

  • Musicians are now able to stream their music live and get paid for it. Even when the person watching the song does not buy, the simple act of watching brings in revenue.
  • It made it possible to share music from computer to computer
  • Napster gave birth to the digitalized mixtape culture. Through this, you will be able to download a collection of music from different musicians.
  • We are able to know the top musician as the best music talents are revealed each month.

As a result of what happened with Napster, various sites came up in an attempt to write the wrongs that this site did to the music industry. Some of these are U2, Run the Jewels, Skrillex, and Kid Cudi, among others.

It is true Napster had a negative impact on the music industry but the music did not die. Instead, there was a revolution where it was possible to access music at affordable prices easily. It brought a high degree of excitement and positive changes in the music world.

Through Napster, artists and their fans are able to make and share music without the need to follow strict measures. The initial plan of the persons who created Napster was to make music more accessible and facilitate music sharing. Today, this is possible which means the impact of Napster on the music industry turned out positive.